Feature Comparisson


Scanning & Transferring

“Hotfolder” on server
“Hotfolder” on client
Drag & Drop
Integrated e-mail client
Integration into existing environments and processes (ERP, CRM, …)

Identification & Classification

Dokument classification (invoice, delivery note, gas receipts,..)
Free definition of searchwords for classification
Adress detection
Detection of invoice amount
Detection of free defined attributes
Automated sorting into folder

Search & Find

Full-text search
Full-text search from any application via hotkey
Definition of complex search queries (mit metadata attributes)
Access via ID and filename
Access via folder structure
Access via addresses
Access via document types
Access via workflow status
Personal desk with own documents, checked-out documents and private documents

Approvals & Workflows

Definition and use of workflows
Automated e-mail notification within workflows
Linking of documents

Reviews & Comments

Reviews of documents
Add comment directly on PDF document via integrated PDF tool
Stamping on documents
Integrated PDF tool “PDF XChange Viewer” for extensive changes to the PDF document
Temporary document links for 3rd. party access

Versioning & Archiving

Versioning of documents
Document history
Access to former document versions


Number of client installations unlimited umlimited umlimited
Number of named user 1 incl. 5 user depending on license
Definition of user groups
Folder and document rights for user and groups
Definition of document types
Definition of metadata attributes
Backup and restore
Access via internet browser
Access via smartphone and tablet
Open programming interface (REST – API)